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I went to this place which I love just want the owner to see what I made with the clams and haddock Mac and cheese with Vermont cheddar I put in the Mac n cheese added apple wood and garlic butter n little franks hot sauce seasoning so good the clams is butter white cooking whine and garlic seasoning ... read more
Wallace Tomkins via google.com - Sep 9, 2021
Unfortunately wasn't there for seafood this time...my car broke down and Bubba was the safest place to pull over...then it started pouring.....any way I have purchased live blue crab from here and I have no complaints ... read more
Juls Winkler via google.com - Aug 22, 2021
Good service and good selection.
Michael Stangle via google.com - Aug 16, 2021
Best blue crabs I've had since living i Maryland!!!
Josette Preisinger via google.com - Aug 8, 2021
The people are the best but the choices are even better I'll be back for sure ... read more
Chip Cebollero via google.com - Jul 31, 2021
Service was good. Prices are fair. Nice place to get your sea food.
Vincent Freeman via google.com - Jul 14, 2021
Beat the rush for salmon dip, he sells out on Saturday!
Stacie Causey via google.com - Jul 11, 2021
Awesome blue crabs...he is very knowledgeable freshest any where...
chuck shelly via google.com - Jul 9, 2021
Good ... read more
Juliam Bunglick via google.com - Jun 21, 2021
Best crab! Best service. I came in too late on one day they called me the next day and let me know they had my dozen crabs and to come on in. Now that's customer care. Thanks Guys YOU ROCK!
O'Brien Miles-Rhodes via google.com - Jun 10, 2021
Reasonable prices & fresh product ... read more
Carol Corriveau via google.com - May 29, 2021
Awesome fresh! The πŸ¦€ are delicious.
Karina Alvarez via google.com - May 28, 2021
Everything super fresh. We lucked into blue crabs from a cancelled order. Also bought sea scallops. Tiny shop, friendly owners. Daily boards listing tasty options.
Stacy Cohen-Peterson via google.com - May 22, 2021
Get there early!!! Still had a good selection available at noon.
Leah Ross via google.com - May 22, 2021
Good smoked mullet dip. Good fish and plenty of blue crabs ... read more
John Bird via google.com - May 22, 2021
Love this place!
Cathy Busi via google.com - May 6, 2021
My girlfriend and I stopped here on vacation for some fresh steamed crab and crab cakes, fresh and delicious! 5 Stars!
Jacob Cavanaugh via google.com - May 2, 2021
Crabs were large and full of meat and full of taste.
Frank Cosmi via google.com - Apr 29, 2021
Great prices ... read more
Marie Buckowski via google.com - Apr 26, 2021
Excellent blue crabs plus they steam them for you.
spyropup Terrie via google.com - Apr 22, 2021
Very convenient location in Leesburg. They keep good stock of frozen fish and seafood. We had the fresh alligator. Comes in 2.5 lb. frozen packs of meat. We prepared it with batter and fried. Very good but a little chewy. Very nice and helpful with getting what you want. Give Bubba a try!
Stephen Hartman via google.com - Apr 15, 2021
I've only been in once and I'm happy we found a local seafood place! The service was good and very friendly, and I'm shocked at how fair the prices are. I can't wait to go back to try the smoked fish dip and everything else they offer!
Lesley Lee via google.com - Apr 9, 2021
Bubba's our secret to cook the best sea food, highly recommend him.
Eduardo Garcia via google.com - Apr 7, 2021
Steamed crabs were plentiful and seasoned just right. πŸ˜‹ ... read more
Carl Hohenberger via google.com - Apr 3, 2021
Awesome. Quality and Variety of seafood 🦞
Awesome. Quality and Variety of seafood 🦞 ... read more
Denise King via facebook.com - Mar 31, 2021
Little necks were fresh and great tasting too. Cost was very reasonable for what you got in the bag, for $38 00. See you again Bubba!
William Bosworth via google.com - Mar 31, 2021
Great prices the owner is super friendly everything was fresh and delicious ... read more
Sidney Flannery via google.com - Mar 29, 2021
Crabs were fresh and full of meat ... read more
Larynthia Welcome via google.com - Mar 22, 2021
Delicious crablegs at a reasonble price ... read more
Connie McKenzie via google.com - Mar 19, 2021
Best smoked salmon my family has ever had. Great price too.
jillian brunswick via google.com - Mar 19, 2021
Just wanted to say THANK YOU for an amazing low country boil! The Bubbas seasoning, blue crab, shri
Just wanted to say THANK YOU for an amazing low country boil! The Bubbas seasoning, blue crab, shrimp, mussels, crawfish, sausage, and OMG the clams, were all AMAZING!! We will definitely be ordering again very soon! Every guest raved about the seasoning and ingredients!! Thanks BUBBA!!😍 ... read more
Sandy Chavis via facebook.com - Mar 9, 2021
All around a good deal.
Armando Delafuente via google.com - Mar 2, 2021
Am I in Maryland??? ... read more
shailions via google.com - Feb 24, 2021
Smoked salmon fish dip here is phenomenal all fresh seafood owner works here everyday by himself service is great great personality little Mom and Pop business all around good people would recommend stopping in here if you need fresh seafood anytime ... read more
MICHAEL CROWDER via google.com - Feb 17, 2021
Delicious scallops ... read more
cheri brown via google.com - Feb 10, 2021
Bubba's has everything you need. Ron and Randy are awesome. Great place for seafood and smoked Mullet and more.
John Pauline via google.com - Jan 25, 2021
Great place friendly service best grouper and cod I've ever eaten is from Bubba's highly recommended ... read more
Ann Knapp via google.com - Jan 14, 2021
Ok prices ... read more
Patricia Bang via google.com - Jan 14, 2021
Good sea food ... read more
Dianne Boyd via google.com - Jan 13, 2021
Great people and great service!!
Katisha Jordan via google.com - Jan 3, 2021
Amazing seafood and prices!!! The salmon dip is a must. We will be back!!
Amazing seafood and prices!!! The salmon dip is a must. We will be back!!
Elise Freeman via facebook.com - Jan 2, 2021
Their blue crabs are big, fresh and meaty!
Liz Colon via google.com - Dec 31, 2020
Very friendly service. Good prices and the seafood is great!
Kendra Baum via google.com - Dec 31, 2020
everything was good, would recommend to family and friends ... read more
Jerry Barnette via google.com - Dec 27, 2020
Bubba's the best...always throwing in a little extra..
Khalil White via google.com - Dec 24, 2020
This place is awesome!! Great prices great people!! Get it cooked, steamed or smoked, or take it home live and cook it yourself. Blue Crabs were very alive and just delivered that morning. I will recommend Bubba's every time some one asks of a good place. Thank you Bubba's you guys made my Low Country Boil very affordable and a great ... read more
Samuel Grimes via google.com - Dec 24, 2020
I just found this crab shack, they have all types of seafood. Ron took good care of me and cooked me up some blue claw crabs to take home to eat. Great little place you'll be happy with the fresh clams and crabs.
steve d via google.com - Dec 13, 2020
First time trying smoked salmon fish dip.. OMG, it was delicious.. Bought a pound of smoked salmon for a friend of mine, I hate salmon, but I tried it, needless to say only half made it home, it's THAT GOOD ... read more
kirby ransburgh via google.com - Nov 22, 2020
Fish is always fresh ... read more
Pearl Barron via google.com - Nov 20, 2020
Live Blue crabs are awesome.
Scott Cutlip via google.com - Nov 20, 2020
Try their cooked salmon it's delicious ... read more
Val Brown via google.com - Nov 13, 2020
Great seafood ... read more
Dreana Stewart via google.com - Nov 12, 2020
Love it!
DarkFellows via google.com - Nov 11, 2020
Absolutely love this place!!!
Lizzie Gillhouse via google.com - Nov 11, 2020
salmon dip is delicious πŸ˜‹
salmon dip is delicious πŸ˜‹ ... read more
Karen Elizabeth Cochran via facebook.com - Nov 6, 2020
They were really good......feeling back at home since we've moved from Miami except this place speaks English!
Corterical Cray via google.com - Oct 31, 2020
For the price the crabs are great will be back ... read more
Paula Williams via google.com - Oct 14, 2020
Butter and garlic Delicious ... read more
john L Sullivan via google.com - Oct 12, 2020
Best frozen cod I have had. Great place ... read more
Mary Weber via google.com - Oct 11, 2020
Fresh biue crabs ,. The smelll of the smoker got my taste buds going. Don't let them know your an Ohio State fan, unless you can handled the ribbing. Will be back with a championship hopefully sooner than later. Well I guess I will just come back for some more crab.
Rich Carlone via google.com - Oct 3, 2020
We were really hungry and stopped by this place, he only had two things that were precooked one was a smoked salmon and the other a crab dip, he had packages of saltines for the dip for a dollar. Let me tell you, it was fantastic, some of the best food I’ve had in years, can’t wait to go back!
Scott Dondlinger via google.com - Sep 19, 2020
We drive by this place many times on our way to Daytona but have never stopped. I looked it up online and decided to give it a try. We drove up to bubba's, about a 30-minute drive. We got octopus, soft shell crab, Gator meat, and I wanted to get some catfish but they were out. He talked me into taking a sample of the smoked salmon sp ... read more
Greg Forkner via google.com - Sep 17, 2020
Bubba's has some fantastic fresh and good seafood. Highly recommend. Takes care and cash.
Robert Thatcher via google.com - Sep 12, 2020
It is a little seafood store with fresh fresh catch. Don't let the outside fool you. Great smoke spread.
Grande Gringo via google.com - Sep 10, 2020
Seems to be the only place to get live crabs locally. The other day. They were fat and heavy. At a reasonable price.
William Reickert via google.com - Sep 6, 2020
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